The Iris Murder: Synopsis

9 June 2016
  1. In the wood

The woods are quiet and still but troubled and Iris and the Green Man set the scene in a clearing of  strange earth mounds.  Iris, trapped forever in this landscape, sings of her imprisonment and incants her “yellow” song.

  1. The Gloating Visit

Rawley Beaunes arrives out on a walk and seems to be searching for something; looking for the place he’s been before, the scene of the crime. Stumbling through briars and puddles he is carrying some cheap plastic flowers and tossing them hither and yon as he reflects on his “flowers”, now dead, who seem to lie under the earth here.  Finally he arrives at Iris, one of his victims, who confronts him and gets in his way.  His anger erupts and he slashes at her and knocks off her head. Unconcerned, he leaves the wood.

  1. Turning 42

Rawley is at home in his pyjamas on a stormy night. Windows are rattling and the lights flicker.  It is his birthday and he’s 42.  As he does every year on his birthday, Rawley writes a ledger of achievements and the past year’s events.  As he reflects upon the last year the window rattles and curtains part to reveal Iris outside looking in.  He becomes increasingly un-nerved by the presence of something and then a knock comes to his door.

  1. The Arrest

Ominous knocks are heard by Rawley and he answers the door to find The Green Man there with Iris. They enter and question him about his movements earlier that evening.  Rawley tries to get rid of them and brush things off making light of the matter.  But eventually is declared under arrest for the murder of Iris Wood. He is cuffed and blindfolded to be taken to trial. It is judgement day.

  1. The Trial: defiance and sentence

On a high green place, Rawley faces trial by the Green Man with Iris as the witness for the prosecution.  Accused with the murder of Heather, Rose, Poppy Fern and the rest, he becomes defiant, flippant and sarcastic.  Eventually the Green Man has heard enough and sentences him to go to the House of deep despair to see a vision of hell.

  1. The vision of Hell and Despair

From their high position, they see a white landscape devoid of any Nature, where a few scuttling figures move pointlessly, hands to their heads, chattering into phones, self-obsessed with business and sterile vanities, bobbing and rocking.  Confronted by all this horror Beaunes seems contrite and leave with his head bowed and, it appears, lesson learned.

  1. The Nightmare

Rawley is in bed and having a nightmare clearly reviewing events as he sleeps. He is still living the vision of Hell but as he awakes he comforts himself with his dear old walking stick and realises that it is New Year.

  1. New Year

Beaunes rises, and hurries about, increasingly merrily, believing he has ‘paid’, and looking forward to his New Year’s date with Mercy Wilkins.  He preens and dresses for his New Year date and gathers presents ready to impress.  He waltzes around admiring himself in the mirror.

  1. The Punishment

Rawley is back in the woods as before ready to meet Mercy and once again gets irritated with the puddles and briars creating obstacles.  As he reaches the clearing from before Iris (Mercy) unfolds in front of him. She is his date for tonight.

Beaunes showers her with gifts and promises of fine dining and the best seats in the house while Mercy eggs him on and becomes increasingly excited.  Rawley too becomes highly excited and finds himself more and more attached to Iris who drags him down under the earth.

The Green Man returns the wood to stillness and momentary calm.

The Iris Murder
10 June 2016 @ 9.00pm (World Premiere)
The Cottier Chamber Project
Cottier’s Theatre, 93-95 Hyndland Street, Glasgow G11 5PU

12 June 2016 @ 7.30pm
Traverse Theatre, 10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh EH1 2ED

20 June 2016 @ 8.00pm
St Magnus International Festival: Orkney Theatre, Kirkwall
Full details

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